Amnesia Fortnight

Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight 2012

20 November 2012

The surely made history early this year when they reached over $3M on Kickstarter to fund their Double Fine adventure… and now they’re proposing a rather interesting approach to game-creation by opening their internal prototyping process to the masses…

Amnesia Fortnight is how Double Fine call their annual prototyping period, and just a couple of days ago the team decided that this year’s edition would be internetized… and partner with Humble Bundle to allow readers to vote for a “potential” full development.

For this edition they’ve posted 23 games that could be developed into prototypes. The only problem is that no-one assures any voter (or funder if you want to grab those early 2 prototypes + the top 4 ideas) the most-voted games will ever be produced & released.

Still, most readers will appreciate the peek inside Double Fine’s annual open-hack-day-equivalent… with games, and learn how some of those crazy ideas come to fruition. Some great proposals are already being favored like LeBreton’s “Spacebase DF-9” or Brandon Dillon’s Hack n’ Slash but there’s still 5+ days to vote… so up to you!

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