Ambika p3

John Walter @ Ambika P3, Jul 24 – Aug 14

23 July 2015

Alien Sex Club, a new multimedia project by British artist John Walter is opening this summer, running at London’s Ambika P3 from July 24 to August 14.

The exhibition explores the relationship between visual culture and HIV as it presents in society today, using “the spatial device of the cruise maze to bring together works that address the complex subject of contemporary sexual health”, including sculptures, paintings, videos, performance, and installation.

Using everything from hospitality, comedy, fortune-telling and the aesthetic of festivals and carnival to introduce the issue of HIV to the audience, Alien Sex Club brings together artists, activists and HIV specialists, as well as clinical academics and scientists in various collaborations across a wide programme of talks and performances.

See the project page for details. **


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The Other Art Fair opens in London this weekend.

The Other Art Fair.
17 April 2013

Cutting out the middle man and providing a platform for unrepresented artists to display (and sell) their work directly to their audience, London’s The Other Art Fair has had two successful runs. They represented roughly 80-90 practitioners, first across two pop-up galleries in Covent Garden in November 2011, and gain at Ambika P3 in Marylebone in May 2012.

Image courtesy of The Other Art Fair.
Image courtesy of The Other Art Fair.

This year, organisers plan to expand to two showcases in April, coming up next weekend between Thursday, April 25 and Sunday, April 28, and then in October. They’ve also extended the network online, in partnership with Culture Label and plan to physically expand their events outside the capital, offering the same opportunities regionally. It’s just another example of the rapidly rising self-starting culture surrounding contemporary art that aqnb fully supports. See their website for more info.**

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Romantic Machines

Stifter's Dinge. Romantic Machines.
20 November 2012

Taking its inspiration from the writing style of romantic 19th century author Adalbert Stifter, Heiner Goebbels  performance, Stifter’s Dinge seeks to engender a sense of shifting interest. Tucked away near the Baker Street Tube Station and deep inside the dark, industrial belly of Ambika P3 this most recent installation by the visionary composer and director has been put together in cooperation with Art Angel, the driving force behind countless large-scale projects ranging from Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave (2001) to Anri Sala & Sejla kameric’s 1395 Days without red, (2011). With such ambitious and influential projects to its credit, and with a name like Heiner Goebbels working with them, Ambika P3 does not disappoint.

Stifter's Dinge, Heiner Goebbels. An Artangel commission. Image (one) by Mario del Curto
Stifter’s Dinge, Heiner Goebbels. An Artangel commission. Image (one) by Mario del Curto

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