amanita design


26 October 2009

Machinarium is one of those puzzle / adventure game websites we like so much imagined and developed by Amanita Design (the ones behind Samorost and Samorost 2 games)…. this time about a kidrobot struggling to find his friend.

The Czech studio Amanita have got quite popular between puzzle-game lovers for their imaginative and old-style futuristic worlds. On the Machinarium website you can only play the demo version (3 levels) as for the full one (with 30 scenarios) you’ll have to pay $20 🙁 ….


Their steam-punk worlds are so attractive that they’ve one the Excellence Visual art prize at the Independent Games Festival this year. The broken and decaying robot city is a wonderful backdrop for the robot’s quest, complimented by Thomas Dvorak’s unsettling and beautiful soundtrack that together make for an engaging experience.


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