Altered zones


17 January 2012

Two months ago when knowing Altered Zones was no-more we panicked. Where are we going to get our amazing news from besides label newsletters, pr agencies and artists themselves? AZ and it’s great galaxy of indie music blogs (gorillavsbear, internationaltapes, yourstruly….) was considered by many the best agglomeration of quality music discovery. 15 sites, each with its very own identity and even radically different music styles, but a great exercise of rootless music coverage.

We know AZ is not entirely dead, at least 2 of its editors: editors Ric Leichtung and Emilie Friedlander will continue this mission by opening later on this year. But they’re facing some competition in the indie-blog associative movement: Portals.

 If AZ was 15, Portals will be 16 (we’re big fans of Pasta Primavera ourselves!). If AZ was an international collective, Portals will be a “transcontinental intersection”… but does bigger mean better?

Besides the international coverage of the DIY movement in all its forms Portals aims to “change the way music is discussed online”, it will also include a traveling showcase that will begin in the USA initially and a monthly mixtape where each blogger provides an exclusive track from one of their favorite artists. Here goes the first one…

Let’s see where this collaborative futuristic adventure takes us to, we shall embrace it without complaints.

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