Alice Brooke

:: RHYTHM THING:: @ Lima Zulu

Lima Zulu.
8 May 2013

The industrial units of Omega Works in London’s northern suburb of Manor House shelters some fairly interesting emerging art from the area. The Institute of Jamais Vu and Lima Zulu are a couple of them, with the latter presenting Alice Brooke’s :: RHYTHM THING::, open to the public from 7pm to 10pm, Wednesday, May 8, and by appointment until Sunday, May 12.

Lima Zulu is an independent artist-run space, founed in 2009 and hosting “a spectrum of critically-attuned exhibitions, events and art initiatives”. With past events including a talk on the industrialisation of the internet by information activist Smári McCarthy and ‘A Critique of the Open Source Movement’, it’s easy to see why.  See the Lima Zulu website for more details.**

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