Alejandra Muñoz

Jade Statues’ spritely new collaboration with cellist Audréanne Filion is dedicated to the playful spirits that inhabit the dark

23 August 2019

Jade Statues (aka Jacob Sexsmith) & Audréanne Filion are releasing single ‘Mochi / Jester’ via s.M.i.L.e. on August 30, with preview track ‘Jester’ premiering on AQNB today. Montreal-based producer Sexsmith released an EP on TAR in 2017. Filion is a classically-trained cellist with an interest in electroacoustics.

Created over the summer of 2018, the collaboration emerged when the two artists met by chance at a bar. Sexsmith needed a cellist for a new project and Filion appeared out of nowhere. The musical outcome is equally as fantastical, where the delicate organ loops of ‘Mochi’ wind around Fillion’s staccato strings. Improvised to Sexsmith’s existing MIDI arrangements in a first take, that track precedes ‘Jester’, which was produced the other way around. It was mostly built around Filion’s cello parts, where a picked string melody frolics alongside Sexsmith’s treble choral patches and immersive, magical atmospherics.**

Jade Statues & Audréanne Filion ‘Mochi / Jester’ single is self-released on August 30, 2019.