Alberto García del Castillo

La Kermesse héroïque festival @ Beursschouwburg, Jan 13 – 15

11 January 2016

La Kermesse héroïque is a three day festival taking place in Brussels across venues, including Beursschouwburg theatre and Midpoint Cafe, running January 13  to 15.

The festival takes its name from Jacques Feyder’s 1935 film about a group of women in Boom, Antwerp who welcomed and hosted Spanish militants for one night, while the men -all still traumatised by the 16th Century Spanish occupation in the years previous -hid undercover.

Curators of the festival, Alberto García del Castillo and Louise Osieka have programmed a Midpoint booklaunch, a screening by Laurie Charles, a performance by Marnie Slater and a concert by Steev Lemercier and Olivia Dunbar to finish.

Midpoint is a former R&B bar that in 2011 opened and is a place for artists and musicians to host parties. Beursschouwburg also used to be a place for private parties in the late 19th Century.

See the Beursschouwburg Event page for more details and history.**

Steev Lemercier. Courtesy Alberto García del Castillo.
Steev Lemercier. Courtesy Alberto García del Castillo.
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Alberto García del Castillo launch @ San Serriffe, Apr 16

14 April 2015

Amsterdam’s San Sariffe art book shop is launching Retrospective, a new novelette by Alberto García del Castillo, on April 16.

Alberto García del Castillo is a Spanish-born “faggot curator and writer” and chief curator of the Buenos Tiempos, Int. online exhibition space dealing with “faggotry as it is today”. With Retrospective, his first novel (originally published by Shelter Press in 2014), he has created a kind of comedy-science fiction novelette, exploring “faggotry” in the art world and flaunting otherness.

The text celebrates beautiful homosexuals and depicts a “retour-au-passé in contemporary painting”, comes with a story called ‘Thumbs-Up’, and another titled ‘Why Homos Are Better’, as well as a drawing by Jurgen Ots, a photograph by César Segarra, and a poem by Lars Laumann. The launch will be accompanied by a reading from del Castillo at 8pm.

See the San Serriffe website for details. **

Alberto García del Castillo, Retrospective (2014). Courtesy Shelter Press.
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