Agata Chinowska

Slavs and Tatars @ Galerie Arsenal, Jun 19 – Aug 20

18 June 2015

Galerie Arsenal is bringing in Eurasian art collective Slavs and Tatars to take part in a group exhibition titled The Pure Tongue, running at their Bialystok space from June 19 to August 20.

The group exhibition, curated by Agata Chinowska, takes its point of departure as Ludwik Zamenhof’s concept of a neutral platform of communication that would overcome any and all cultural and ethnic divisions, based primarily in the notion of a universal language or “pure tongue” that would create harmony between nations.

Consequently, The Pure Tongue turns to the myth of the Tower of Babel as one of its primary themes, exploring the notion of miscommunication as chaos and, in turn, as multiplication and diversity—in others, as positive phenomena. Participating in the exhibition are a dozen or so artists and collectives, including Slavs and Tatar, Małgorzata Niedzielko, Paulina Ołowska, and Société Réaliste.

See the exhibition page for details. **


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