Zeppelins & bunnies

28 May 2012

In this world of pop surrealism and particular combinations there’s always room for more. Take Nico Kos‘ zeppelins & bunnies series as the latest example of an absurd narrative style taken out of a James Bond movie from the 60s. Who are those bunny-masked engineers, what are they posing for, which Asian hidden island and most important… what are they building all those zeppelins for?

Untitled2 by Nico Kos
Untitled2 by Nico Kosi
Untitled4 by Nico Kos
Untitled4 by Nico Kosi

¬†Clearly influenced by his time spent in Japan, dutch-painter and teacher Nico Kosi has been producing some exotic landscapes over the past year, and while we haven’t heard about any upcoming exhibitions in his native Bergen or Amsterdam, we’re really looking forward to it. More info and bunny secrecy on his webpage.

Untitled3 by Nico Kos
Untitled3 by Nico Kosi
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