A Family Portrait

A Family Portrait

9 June 2011

Joseph Pierce‘s latest short hasn’t been released yet (The Pub), but his 2009 “A Family Portrait” was recently uploaded and while it may not be as disturbing as his previous “Stand Up” it certainly doesn’t fall short. The piece was initially made with the support of 59 productions & Channel 4 here in the UK.

Joseph's exaggerated characters & hidden messages

The short does not only open the always painful unfaithful wound, but unveils once-again the thousand mental-mugs behind the character’s psychology. Baconian characters that received a long list of awards last year.

“A family portrait session goes horribly wrong as secrets and jealousy bubble to the surface under the photographer’s watchful gaze”.

Joseph first made his mark in 2008 for his National Film and Television school graduation short, Stand Up, which received both national and international recognition. Since then, his work has spanned film, commercials and theatre, with credits including the National Theatre’s hit production War Horse and work for the Met Opera House in New York.

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