Timo Fahler

Oily Doily @ BBQLA, Jul 23 – 30

22 July 2016

The Oily Doily group exhibition is on at Los Angeles’ BBQLA, opening July 23 and running to July 30.

The show is curated by Kenn Taylor in collaboration with the “migrating installation” conceived by Timo Fahler, Thomas Linder, and Adam Beris and features five artist-painters —Alex Becerra, Kent O’Connor, Becky Kolsrud, Brandon Landers and Amanda Taylor. The press comes accompanied by an allusive text pointing to a theme that resounds with the global political climate of now: “Today, danger is promised. Gratitude is swallowed with our losses, and hope contested by the present”.

The press release goes on to reference a religious ex-voto painting by an unknown artist, one that forebodes an oncoming event, similar to the eerie, dream-like omens of Giorgio De Chirico’s pittura metafísica (Metaphysical art). It’s a pre-war movement that developed in opposition to the triumphant speed and violence of Futurism: “Painting becomes an act of defense, creating a process to document our survival.”

See the BBQLA website for details.**

Alex Becerra, 'I Love Blondes' (2014). Courtesy the artist + ltd Los Angeles.
Alex Becerra, ‘I Love Blondes’ (2014). Courtesy the artist + ltd Los Angeles.
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