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Events + exhibitions, Feb 2 – 8

2 February 2015

With Material Art Fair 2015 set to start in Mexico City this week, galleries and events of interest are bound to be centred around the Mexican capital. They include booths from Parallel Oaxaca, Queer Thoughts and New Galerie, as well as the Under a Thawing Lake exhibition presented by Dark Arts International, and an opening at Lodos Gallery.

In London, Space is showing work from three artist-run spaces including Piper Keys, The Duck and that of Caspar Heinemann, Morag Keil and Kimmo Modig from Life, while Viktor Timofeev is closing his Proxyah exhibition at Jupiter Woods and Dora Budor is appearing for an artist lecture at

Tabor Robak is one of the artists in a group show curated by Samuel Leuenberger called Constructed Culture sounds like Conculture in Dublin, Harm van den Dorpel has another solo show in Berlin, Caroline Ongaro is curating  Exquisite Collapse and Finnish performance group Vibes is presenting a site-specific installation at Helsinki’s SIC.

There’s more so see below:


Dora Budor @, Feb 2

NEWGenNow: Binary Static @ The White Building, Feb 3

The Violet Crab @ DRAF, Feb 5 – May 2

Visionhale @ Chisenhale Gallery, Feb 5 – 6

Material Art Fair 2015, Feb 5 – 8

Activating the Archive opening @ Banner Repeater, Feb 5

Primitive London 4th B-Day @ Tipsy, Feb 6

Micachu, Tirzah &c @ LOCAL, Feb 6

Opening party @ LEISURE, Feb 6

Gender Troublers: FEMEA @ UdK, Feb 6

Proxyah (version 2) closing event @ Jupiter Woods, Feb 7

Spirit Level finissage @ ANDOR, Feb 7


Exquisite Collapse @ Blip blip blip, Feb 3 – 25

Under a Thawing Lake @ Justo Sierra 71 (Estudio 71), Feb 4 – 8

Ry David Bradley @ Tristian Koenig, Feb 4

Sol Calero @ 63rd – 77th STEPS, Feb 4 – 25


Menna Cominetti @ Lima Zulu, Feb 6

Emily Jones @ V4ULT, Feb 6

Constructed Culture sounds like Conculture @ Ellis King, Feb 6 – Mar 14

Kevin Gallagher @ Lodos Gallery, Feb 6 – Mar 21

Vibes @ SIC, Feb 6 – 22

Harm van den Dorpel @ Neumeister Bar-Am, Feb 7 – Apr 11

Piper Keys, Life Gallery + The Duck @ Space gallery, Feb 8 – 22**

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Parallel Oaxaca @ Material Art Fair 2015.

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Beatriz Olabarrieta, Diagonal Z Jeans (2014) exhibition photos + video

7 October 2014

It’s in establishing a tension of opposing forces that the dynamism of Beatriz Olabarrieta‘s work lies. Moving across video, ceramics and textiles, the London-based artist’s Diagonal Z Jeans exhibition, presented at Mexico’s Parallel Oaxaca, in collaboration with a residency at Museo Experimental el Eco, takes its title from a denim trouser and details the elements that make them such a good fit.

In rejecting stasis in favour of what she calls “doozy decentering and a wish for a body that could expand as gum and get lost into wild spirals of form”, extra-long and rolled-up jeans legs lie flaccid on the floor, a plastic bag weighted with spray-painted raw clay in the shape of frijoles (Mexican beans) is suspended from the curved metallic stand propping up a flatscreen slung with rope. As the hanger moves the ‘beans’ scatter through a hole around the gallery, crackling when you step on them, while the video shows a hand holding a felt tip pen as it competes with the movement of a page that mimics the motion of its ‘Pulling Parallel Turning Diagonal’ (2014) title. Its writing is rendered as illegible as the “mis-communications and material observations” that the exhibition press release notes as Olabarrieta’s preoccupation with “the complexities of written or verbal (in)articulation”.

These are complexities the artist also explored during a recent residency at London’s Cell Project Space, culminating in a three-day interactive event Shifty Show (A performance with five voice overs) accompanied by Ellen Mara De Wachter‘s text ‘Shifting thoughts on stringy forms‘. In it the writer and curator questions the value of ‘doing’ in favour of a sort of ‘undoing’, which in Diagonal Z Jeans, Olabarrieta takes further by emptying these actions and objects of their function and developing a new “sculptural semi-abstract language” from all the confusion.**

Exhibition photos, top-right.

Beatriz Olabarrieta’s Diagonal Z Jeans is on at Oaxaca’s Parallel Oaxaca, running September 14 to October 23.

All images: Beatriz Olabarrieta, Diagonal Z Jeans (2014) install view. Courtesy the artist and Parallel Oaxaca. Photo by Alberto Mendiola.

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Are You Thinking About Atlantis? @ Parallel /// Oaxaca, Feb 14

14 February 2014

Mexico’s Parallel /// Oaxaca and Belgium’s Komplot present cross-cultural group exhibition Are You Thinking About Atlantis?, opening February 14.

Conceived during the inaugural Material Art Fair in Mexico this year, the show features artists Aline Bouvy and David Evrard from Brussels, Noah Barker, Timothy James Kelly and Puppies Puppies from Lodos Contemporáneo and Stefan Benchoam from Guatemalan gallery Proyectos Ultravioleta.

Giving insight into the the perspectives of artists from across Brussels, Chicago, Oaxaca and Guatemala, the exhibition reflects on their differing conceptual and physical topologies in a “spontaneous and reactive” curatorial gesture, founded on exchange and resulting in a collision of “the presence of works with a dissolution of discourse”. Liquidity abounds.

See the Parallel /// Oaxaca website for details. **

Header image: Puppies Puppies and Noah Barker, Are You Thinking About Atlantis?.

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