Lucy Chinen

Kelly Bar @ Pane, Jan 13 – 17

12 January 2016

New Milan-based artist-run project Pane is hosting group show Kelly Bar at Cafè al 5 on via Pellegrino Rossi 5, opening January 13 and running to 17.

Kelly Bar is a Chinese cafe that “DOESN’T list abstruse and exotic Chinese dishes with bright names”. Instead, the press release says, it has sumptuous Italian sandwiches and “fragrant breakfasts”. It is a Westernized place that “fully reflects the imagined expectations of a young Chinese teenager” while walking along via Pellegrino Rossi in Milan.

Artists showing at Kelly Bar include Lucy ChinenNina CristanteAdam Cruces,  Ilja KarilampiKareem LotfyQuintessa Matranga, Fabio Santacroce and Bruno Zhu among several others. 

Pane’s motto is: “Pane is bread, Pane is primary, Pane feeds, Pane crumbles”.

See the FB Event Page for more**

Ilja Karilampi, Espressen (2015). Courtesy the artist.
Ilja Karilampi, ‘Espressen’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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Never cargo terminal… @ Smart Objects exhibition photos

29 July 2014

The Lucy Chinen-curated Never cargo terminal has recently discovered the trembling hand of state secrets resounding oversold bounce child – running at LA’s Smart Objects from July 12 to August 8 – lifted its oddball title from a Google-translated text generated from the “Android Swype predictive typing of an ant pathway” by participating artist Adriana Ramić.

Ramić’s featured drawings and ebook base themselves around something as obscure as the studies of insect movements by French civil engineer Victor Cornetz. They’re then retraced onto an Android Swype keyboard, which in turn predicts subsequent words based on gestures, crowd-sourced dictionaries, official documents, and Ramić’s personal habitual vocabulary.

Perhaps, because so much of modern language has become overworked to the point of banality in the context of contemporary art (‘post-internet‘ and ‘speculative realism‘ as examples), more and more modern exhibitions are turning to lyrical, vaudeville-like titles like Never cargo terminal… to differentiate themselves. Except this one, it seems, is no longer meant to elucidate or conglomerate, but rather to point to something more ephemeral – the playfulness, the absurdity, the rapture of art.

Joining Ramić in the group exhibition are artists Kareem Lotfy and his Navajo-style woven blanket, as well as researcher-designer Simone C. Niquille, whose video ‘Here Be Faces: FaceValue Part2’ (2014) functions as a short story exploring the notion of camouflage through facial copyright, encrypted identity and plastic surgery. **

Exhibition photos, top-right.

Never cargo terminal… group exhibition is running at LA’s Smart Objects until August 8, 2014.

Header image: Here Be Faces: FaceValue Part2, video installation by Simone C. Niquille. Image courtesy Smart Objects. 

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‘Over the Valley’ @ Steve Turner Contemporary (2013) install view

25 July 2013

The Over the Valley group exhibition features six artists from the UK and Europe, including Katja Novitskova and Andrew Norman Wilson, at Steve Turner Contemporary in LA, from July 13 to August 10.

The work, created in the past five years, explores the influence and ubiquity of major tech corporations based in California’s Silicon Valley, from which the show draws its name. See the gallery for install images and read an interview with curator Lucy Chinen here.**

Goldin+Senneby, 'After Microsoft' (2007).
Goldin+Senneby, ‘After Microsoft’ (2007).
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