Huerco S.

Huerco S. – ‘Prinzif’

4 September 2013

For house music that sounds as if its been played through a melted cassette tape, look no further than Kansas City born young one, Huerco S. (aka Brian Leeds). He carries on his hybridised Detroit techno and fetishistic focus on the sounds of the distant past, on his album Colonial Patterns, out on Daniel Lopatin’s Software Label, September 24.

Snapping and crackling through its warped sound scape, ‘Prinzif’ is not so much nostalgic as it is a terrifyingly apt representation of just how far and degraded the notion of ‘music as object’ truly is. With Lopatin’s own preoccupations with materialised sounds appearing on his forthcoming Oneohtrix Point Never release, R Plus Seven, on Warp, September 30, the two could very well play foil to each other, adding to the growing discourse around the amorphous nature of materiality in the new millennium. **

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