Greg Zifcak

New Blondes video from Greg Zifcak (+1)

12 July 2013

Blondes’ entire new album Swisher is solid, and so is the YouTube stream by Greg Zifcak. Now, for the Brooklyn duo’s most sturdy beat driven track of the lot, ‘Elise’, the analogue video artist teamed up with friend and sometimes collaborator Will Rahilly for another diaphanous trip through the airwaves, except viewed through the glass and from an angle.

The two artists recently worked on visuals for the breathy computer disco of Safety Scissors together and Rahilly often works with New York neo-psych duo Prince Rama but if you do one thing today, we recommend you check out the latter’s website. **

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Greg Zifcak provides visuals for new Blondes stream

27 June 2013

NYC duo Blondes have a new record, Swisher, coming out on RVNG Intl, August 6. True to the name, it’s a sweeping escape into near-ambient electronics that nothing but a distant rhythm keeps grounded in the realms of dance. But what has us even more excited is the accompanying visuals by Greg Zifcak.

As former member of Bay Area’s Eats Tapes, Zifcak takes his analogue fetish to new levels of exploration, creating these gauzy neon dreamscapes, thus maintaining his close association with other staunchly lofi visual artists like Aurora Halal. Listen to theĀ Swisher album stream and see Zifcak’s work below. **

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