Evita Vasiljeva

Gerda Paliušytė @ Kunstraum, Jun 17

15 June 2016

Curatorial project, AIROOM residency will screen film ‘The Road Movie’ (2015) by Lithuanian artist and curator Gerda Paliušytė at London’s Kunstraum on June 17.

‘The Road Movie’ is a partially scripted documentary that follows the members of rap duo ONYX on a day trip through Vilnius. Their 1993 hit ‘Slam‘ was among the first American rap songs to reach the country after its independence, and it became deeply rooted in local culture.

The work is described by a Frieze review written last year and used as the press release for this screening where it says it is both a melancholy portrait of the Lithuanian City, discerning what, in the 25 years since its independence from the Soviet Union, has fulfilled its promise and what has not, as well as a slapstick commentary of cultural history.

Airoom’s curator Juste Kostikovaite works closely with artists creating intricate solo shows in spare rooms of homes and other spaces emptied out and specified for each occasion, often taking the place of Airbnb income. The next solo show for the project which seems to exist on the websites and documents of others, will be by Riga-based artist, Evita Vasiljeva.

See the FB event for details.**

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