Michael Bussell @ 5o1.online, Feb 24

23 February 2016

Balcony space in Leeds, 5o1.online, will host new work by artist Michael Bussell, which will be shown online from February 24 and thereafter.

The press release talks about trying to wake up and catch your eye looking at things when you are asleep.

For the untitled presentation in this space, Bussell will show one piece: a print on aluminium called ‘Some Shut Eye’ (2016) which features an image of an eye somehow embedded deeply into flat wooden board, as though the wood around the eye is its face.

The work on the balcony follows Shoe Garden, by Perce Jerrom.

See the FB Event page for more details**

Michael Bussell, 'Respite' (2009 - 2015). Courtesy the artist.
Michael Bussell, Respite (2009 – 2015). Courtesy the artist.


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Perce Jerrom @ 5o1.online, Feb 10

9 February 2016

Artist Perce Jerrom will present new work, Shoe Garden on the balcony space, 5o1.online, opening February 10.

5o1.online is a real space on a balcony in Leeds, running projects for three months until March 2016.

It is not clear from the accompanying text, which Jerrom has altered to sit on facebook in italics, how long Shoe Garden will go on for. The text describes enjoying engaging with the “DIY aesthetics of life hacking”, slightly changing or affecting your life for the better and the cheaper.

Taking from online open forums, Jerrom’s work will think about repairing and re-using and how the internet can now reference age old practices like making plant pots out of old shoes.

See the FB event for more details**


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