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3D Printshow London 2012

18 October 2012

Another first for London this weekend as 3D Printshow which opens tomorrow is poised to become one of the referents in unifying the pro and the emerging consumer 3D printing markets.

work by Andreia Chaves (image via 3D Printshow)
work by Andreia Chaves (image via 3D Printshow)

Halfway between an art & technology fair 3d Printshow hosts a mix of activities, shows, workshops, competitions and even a fashion catwalk @ London’s Brewery. Over 70 exhibitors that cover pretty much every vertical and every application imaginable….  Experts including 3D Systems, Makerbot, Sculpteo, Objet, Autodesk, Printrbot, Inition or Boeing, a whole spectrum of exhibitors reaching from art and design to medicine and transport.

You can have your body fully 3D scanned or simply learn how to create & print your own designs, a good opportunity to experience past, present and future of this industry… for those willing to pay £20. What we’re excited about is the art show which explores the ideas and concepts generated by this new artistic movement and brings some of the most renown artists from the past few years (Atelier Ted Noten, Stephanie Lempert…). More info this way L&G.

Works by Universal Everything (image via EVS)
Works by Universal Everything (image via EVS)
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26 September 2012

I’m wondering how many 3D printers we’ve already come across this year… you have the “non-professional” toy-making machines like iModela… and then you have these pro-oriented models that very few can afford…

And because everything that the “MIT media Lab” stamp touches transforms into gold the recently created studio Formlab (basically a group of ex-MIT labbers) won’t be needing any of the 29 days left to achieve their funding goal for their first project: Form 1.

Formlabs Form 1 - 3D Printer
Formlabs Form 1 – 3D Printer

They’re promising to deliver the most “affordable” 3D printer that delivers professional results (read.. it uses the stereolithography technology) but won’t cost you both of your livers… for 2200$ you’ll have access to the most basic of kits… certainly not cheap. But putting things in context, this is just the beginning of a new market which shall inevitably bring a quality 3D printer into every house one day.

Not yet with Form 1, but this adventure which started over a year ago looks promising… especially if we consider that they should have enough money to produce a large range of colors… and that the little campaign video looks smarter than the iPhone 5 campaign. More info this way, and on their webpage.

Formlabs Form 1 - 3D Printer accessories
Formlabs Form 1 – 3D Printer accessories
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