The outness queens

29 March 2013

From this video only 1 person is a girl, and you should have some serious doubts about who it really is, or at least this is what Stefan Goldmann wants us to believe. The German-Bulgarian DJ & producer gets this new amazing video of the eastern low queens directed by his friend Peter Vulchev who had already helped him out with his previous Carrion Crow.

His colorful and precious album 17:50 which came out last September on Macro has received some pretty good reviews all around the web, and we can’t help but share our admiration for eastern European parties, they’ve always been bling bling (in a good way).

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Carrion Crow

28 August 2012

His first ever music video clip, and he’s obviously happy. Stefan Goldmann is about to release his new album 17:50 on his very own Macro in exactly 4 weeks, a rough set of sounds which wouldn’t normally fit in our mild western music mentality… let’s make an effort to welcome this “array of warm synths” into our living rooms while preparing for its party launch @ Panorama next September 21st.

For Carrion Crow, director Peter Vulchev takes us through one of the most unrewarded jobs of our time… garbage collecting.

Stefan Goldmann - 17:50 album cover
Stefan Goldmann – 17:50 album cover 

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