Hanne Lippard @ 1646, Dec 3

3 December 2014

Artist Hanne Lippard is bringing a “speech-based lecture performance” titled The ssecret to ssuccess iss in the ss to the Hague’s 1646 project space for one night only on December 3.

The performance combines “strategic business rhetoric with human failure”, interrupting the “smooth convincing tone of professionalism” with human errors like mispronunciation and awkward sounds. In a meditation on the acceleration of technology and its effect on human expectation, Lippard tries to explore the blurred lines between human and machine and the ways in which “demands on human efficiency aspire to compete with that of technology”, exceeding and effectively displacing human nature.

Building on the general late-capitalist discourse of the Post-Fordism era, Lippard taps into the modern expectation of never-ending labour – and the supposed unconditional love of said labour that perpetuates it – with a statement released alongside the performance’s descriptor that begins: You must be absolutely clear on who you are and what you want. You need written goals and plans for every part of your life. You must become a meaningful specific rather than a wandering generality.

See the 1646 event page for details. **

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