aqnb is an independent, online, editorial platform that focuses on interesting talent in contemporary art and online cultural practices. Through regular events coverage, reviews, commentary and documentation its mission is to provide a detailed and informed account of the multidisciplinary creative practices developing around new technologies within a global context.

aqnb aims to map shifting ideas, practices and perspectives of art and artists in response to current political and economic affairs, as well as developments in the technological and creative industries. It also recognises that all these elements are interconnected in an increasingly networked world.

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Jean Kay (aka Steph Kretowicz) – Editor,
Human Poney (aka HP Parmley) – Assistant Editor,
Don Tercio (aka Guillermo Fraile) – Managing Editor,
Caroline Heron – Managing Editor,

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Alison Ordnung / Ash Always / Audrey Phillips / Augie March / Badassfeminist / Beau Dent / Big Mouth / Binghao Wong / die ok / DJ Phonix / Dottir Horn / E.D. Noice / Elene Pritchat / Ern Dern / Eugene Montpelier / Eva Folks / Feeling Garrulous Terrors / Firefox / Francesca AltamuraFrankie ArcherFuxus / Garden Gnome / Godlike Isdead / GSMITH / Halciion / J.G. Hamman / Jack Bon / Jimmie Walker / John Bosco Burns / Gabriela Acha / Mao Morta / Martha Cooper / Most-D / N K / NC-15 / R. Wave / Raven H / Raw Notes / River Young / serie gold / Skyler Weiss / Steve / T Swift / T.A. Garbage / Zayn Malik

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