Zuzanna Ratajczyk

Lonely words of ‘unpinpointable’ origin at the WOUO launch at Broken Dimanche Press, Feb 18

15 February 2017

The MARIA† editions launch of WOUO, a publication edited by John Ryaner, is on at Berlin’s Broken Dimanche Press on February 18.

jib, jiffy, jitney, jive, joey1, joey2, josh, kibble, kike, kilter, kit, lad, langer, lobscouse, lollygag, lummox, malarkey, masturbate, moolah, mosey, mull1, mull2, nag, nerd, nifty, nitty-gritty, noggin, oodles,

WOUO is an acronym for Word Of Unknown Origin and is a publication of artists’ texts, featuring Susan Conte, Faye Green, Erika Landström, Ingo Niermann, Samuel Hasler, Aniara Omann, Line Ebert, and Ryaner himse;f. Each artist was sent “a large and random group of lonely words of unpinpointable beginnings (267 wouos and counting)” and asked to contribute writing in response. 

The evening will host readings by Eoghan Ryan, Jack Brennan, Luzie Meyer, Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Samuel Hasler, and John Ryaner.

See the FB event page for more details.**

John Ryaner, ‘Untitled (another passing emotion)’, (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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Eoghan Ryan @ Rowing, Mar 23 – Apr 2

21 March 2016

Artist Eoghan Ryan will present solo show, Behind Sedentary at London’s Rowing opening March 23 and running April 2.

The accompanying text to the show is long and begins by detailing different types of drowning and the different experiences of dying in accordance, before moving on to describing a dream about two young children trying to survive drowning in a pail of milk, too shallow to be near the top of the pail and too deep to rest without sinking.

Ryan, whose work spans imagery, installation, performance and video —the latter two often combined in complex pieces that almost avoid language and explanation —has recently shown work in Citizen, the group screening event at Chisenhale Gallery and performed in Plural Melts at Berlin’s Yvonne Lambert.

During the first week of Behind Sedentary there will be an ongoing performance in the gallery running March 23 to 26 featuring Lukas Amend and Zuzanna Ratajczyk, who also performed at Plural Melts with Ryan earlier this year.

See the exhibition page for more details**

Eoghan Ryan, Are You Trying to Make Me Say The Word (2015), as presented on the artists website. Courtesy the artist.
Eoghan Ryan, Are You Trying to Make Me Say The Word (2015), screenshot, as presented on the artists website. Courtesy the artist.



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Amitai Romm @ V4ULT, Jan 22

22 January 2015

Artist Amitai Romm is bringing a new solo show titled Exfoliation to Berlin’s V4ULT, where it will open on January 22.

This show release comes accompanied by this abstract text: “So you made a bargain with that ferryman who transports substances and signs – he who deals in constant twilight: turning digits into plans, transposing networks onto contexts, grafting tissue, splicing slips of the tongue. A dissolving agent, forger, liar, patron of travellers – what better place to lay your trust?”

During the show’s opening will be an ‘INTERVENTION’ featuring Agatha Valkyrie Ice performing with Dorota Gaweda, Egle Kulbokaite, Zuzanna Ratajczyk, and Claire Tolan. The performance comes as part of V4ULT’s second episode, running between December 2014 and March 2015, and consisting of three solo shows, one group show, and two time-based interventions, created in collaboration with other artists, inserted into each exhibitions.

See the FB event page for details. **

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