zuckerberg’s firewall’

Paul Kneale @ ANDOR, Mar 14 – May 3

11 March 2014

Paul Kneale is presenting solo exhibition monet’s garden, zuckerberg’s firewall at London’s ANDOR gallery, opening March 14 and running to May 3.

Expressing a contemporary limbo between modes of art production, the show explores a “temporary architecture of subjectivity” as constructed by the artist trapped in a purgatory between the “pictorialism of the pre-modern past” and a world of immateriality still fixated on the physical.

Transposing digital language to low-grade, archaic and tactile modes of print and production -across photocopy toner, spray paint, newsprint, plasterboard, painter’s dust sheets -Kneale attempts to express its inadequacy at this crossroads of the “self-in-transmission”.

Read an interview with Paul Kneale and see the ANDOR website for details. **

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