Zoe Hough

Zoë Hough @ Arebyte Gallery, May 7 – Jun 6

8 May 2015

London’s Arebyte Gallery is bringing in a solo exhibition by speculative designer and artist Zoë Hough called The Microbial Verdict: You Live Until You Die and running from May 7 until June 6. 

The show presents a speculative scenario in which synthetic biology has allowed people to live only as long as they remain ‘themselves’; those over 65 are made to ingest a synthetic protein programmed to release a toxin if it detects the citizens are no longer ‘themselves’.

Based on research by Harvard scientists, this hypothetical is actually scientifically feasible, and Hough uses this dystopian notion to explore ageing in modern society and the desire for control over our bodies and our minds with film, including footage of a ceremony in which citizens ingest the synthetic protein, and objects like a Government document outlining the benefits of this new policy.

See the exhibition page for details. **

Zoë Hough, The Microbial Verdict- You Live Until You Die
Zoë Hough, The Microbial Verdict- You Live Until You Die (2015).

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Next Brave New World @ Arebyte Gallery, Aug 20 – Sep 16

15 August 2014

Arebyte Gallery is hosting the Next Brave New World group exhibition at their East London space from August 20 to September 16.

The exhibition, featuring a selection of projects from five Royal College of Art graduates, explores how technology impacts culture and society through the lens of speculative design. Kathryn Fleming‘s ‘Endless Forms/Endless Species’ looks to an imagined future with an ecological prototype, while Zoe Hough‘s film and installation Smile, The Fiction Has Already Begun examines the pursuit of happiness within the structures of social and government control.

Also part of the exhibition is an installation by Henrik Nieratschker titled ‘The Boltham Legacy’ exploring the challenges of long-term thinking in technological developments, Adam Peacock‘s ‘The Validation Junky’ and its imaged “Post Industrial Brain”, as well as Alexa Pollmann‘s graphic novel, Indivicracy

 See the Arebyte Gallery exhibition page for details. **


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