Between two stars : an AQNB music & art compendium

14 July 2020

Between two stars is AQNB’s latest release of new music and visual works compiled and curated by our London and Los Angeles-based team.

Following the success of the previous even my dreams don’t go outside compendium, we’re pleased to introduce an ongoing series of these downloadable packages, featuring work by artists in our international community. This first mini-compendium is one of four to be dropped quarterly—with four new tracks and two new original artwork contributions—and available for sale on our site, or free for our Patreon subscribers.

Between two stars takes its title from the mythological twins Castor & Pollux, inspired by the very chaotic Gemini season—which ran May 21 to June 21. Assigned guardians of sailors on troubled waters, these sons of Greek god Zeus became the brightest celestial bodies of the constellation named after one of the most controversial signs of the zodiac. The compilation’s curation responds loosely to the implied duality of its theme, exploring a liminal space that exists beyond binaries—a nebulous point between poles that escapes the limitations of language.

Music by:

Visual works by:
Roxman Gatt 

Cover artwork by:
Helin Şahin 

Jared Davis, associate editor & compendium co-curator
Matt Dell, music editor & compendium co-curator
Steph Kretowicz, AQNB editor 
Caroline Heron, AQNB managing editor 

Isaac Treece, mastering 

Yikii & Dasychira introduce their cross-continental collaboration with the creepy-dazzling carnival of ‘Faerie Circus Waltz’

5 July 2019

Yikii & Dasychira are releasing EP Bubble Wrap Armor via New York’s UNSEELIE on July 12, with preview track ‘Faerie Circus Waltz’ premiering on AQNB today. The respective South African and Chinese producers struck up a long-distance friendship about a year ago, collaborating musically between their Brooklyn and Changchun bases online, while sending each other sculptures and jewellery via post.

The resulting record title came from the masses of bubble wrap used in protecting these physical tokens, while also inspiring the EPs theme of healing from feelings of isolation. Featuring tracks like ‘Future Tell’, ‘Laser Star’ and one with Baltimore producer Sentinel called ‘Doll’s Library’, the EP combines the eerie melancholy of Yikii’s atmospheric production with the tactile, shadowy emboss of Dasychira’s own approach. ‘Faerie Circus Waltz’ is the most creepy-dazzling of the three, with Yikii’s breathy vocal sighing the words of a poem over off-kilter polyrhythms and carnivalesque melodies.**

Yikii & Dasychira’s Bubble Wrap Armor EP is out via New York’s Unseelie on July 12, 2019.