Dominic Watson @ Space, Sep 29 – Dec 17

27 September 2016

Dominic Watson is presenting solo exhibition YEAST at London’s Space, opening September 29 and running to December 17.

The Amsterdam-based artists’ new work consists of a single-channel video with a musical score that “revisits the medieval animal trial of a rooster”. A series of images derived from medieval bestiaries will be disseminated over the course of the show in the advertising pages of the Hackney Gazette. The work poses questions about “an anthropocentric worldview and the perils of assuming dominance over nature”.

The video depicts the trial of a rooster, who is accused of crimes against nature for laying an egg, as an “allegorical exploration of the assumed transcendence of humans from the realm of nature”. 

The soundtrack of YEAST was made in collaboration with Daniel Woodhouse.

See the Space Studios website for details.**

Dominic Watson, 'Specific Emotions' (2015). Installation view. Courtesy New Studio, London.
Dominic Watson, ‘Specific Emotions’ (2015). Installation view. Courtesy New Studio, London.
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