Yasmina Reggad

Mirage, 20 Years On @ ICA, Oct 30 + 31

30 October 2015

The ICA marks the 20th anniversary of Mirage: Enigmas Of Race, Difference and Desire with a panel discussion on Frantz Fanon and his writings on post-colonialism, identity, cinema and psychoanalysis at their London space on October 30.

The original exhibition, curated by David A Bailey, used one of Fanon’s key texts, Black Skin, White Masks, as a starting point for artist responses, and 20 years later, the ICA returns to reflect on how artistic practice intertwines with race.

Organized in collaboration with Bailey, the discussion and screening take place on October 30, with the symposium occurring on October 31, kicking off with an introduction by Bailey, a discussion on the role of institutions in structural violence, and speeches by, among others, Morgan Quaintance and Evan Ifekoya

See the ICA discussion and symposium pages for details. **

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