Yaniv De Ridder


30 June 2012

Ipad midi-controller apps? Never heard of any, so this one must be a first… (ok maybe not) but the level of complexity you can reach with Herrmutt Lobby & Yaniv De Ridder’s beatsurfing app is worth noticing by many music enthusiasts as well as musicians.

beatsurfing interface... which looks more like a bacteria culturing
beatsurfing interface… which looks more like a bacteria culturing

BS basically allows you to draw a 3-dimensional controller and use it in two different and complementary ways. Either you tap it like you would with your regular MPC or any other beatmaking device, oooooooooor… you surf your fingers along routes, colliding with objects, triggering samples or effects. “It’s all about movement”.

It should be clarified that BS is not a synthesizer but a MIDI controller so basically all you’ll be using it for is to design and use the controller you want or build templates on the fly.. “the sort of crazy controller you would expect from Herrmutt Lobby”.

12$ for a MIDi controller? well… considering you can control any MIDI-enabled device (Software, Hardware, or even selected iPad apps through Virtual MIDI), and can integrate with any existing Studio or Live setup you should definitely consider it if you like being creative with your own commands… The one thing you’ll agree with us, is its potential. More info, videos and documentation on their page.

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