WU LYF play with the BBC

22 July 2011

The Manchester elusive evasive Lucifer kids who released their debut album last month went for a nice radio boycott @ Zane Lowe ‘s BBC1 music radio program earlier this week (conducted by Huw Stephens). Not that they’re very press-friendly but from time to time and in between concerts they dedicate a few of their minutes with the mass media. In this case the BBC.

The recorded performance & interview (which you can listen to here + a couple of videos) became a good mix of funny noises, improbably accents, non-related answers and personal jokes which Stephens described as one of the weirdest & most embarrassing interviews he’s ever done.

As is usual for Maida Vale sessions, Huw’s prerecorded the interview with the band the day before. That was probably the only thing that was normal about the interview!

The band seem to have decided to try to sound as weird as possible during their chat with Huw. Huw’s toyed with the idea of not putting the interview on the radio. It’s that strange. But in the end, he’s decided that you need to hear it so that you can make up your own mind about the band.

Oh well, they had no choice but to publish it had they? These Lucifer kids are the youngest band to exploit after all.  5 days before it goes so better hurry!

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