Windows grows up

1 March 2012

And from aesthetically disgusting… to visually stunning. We’ve always said that what Microsoft started with Zune, then Windows Mobile 7 and last year with Win8¬†will end well. So well that they’ve managed to transform Barcelona’s MWC into a free Windows 8 buzz release for their consumer (beta) “preview”. One day after it’s already been downloaded 1 million times

Windows 8 IE browser screen
Windows 8 IE browser screen

After paying careful attention at the “Consumer preview” evolution of W8m 48 hours of free PR in most gadget (and non-gadget) blogs & publications (like us? ooohps), comparisons, reviews, gesture and UX evaluations… etc, we have to say… maybe what Google has been cooking in the past few years, maybe what Apple has managed to achieve since the iPhone & the iPad… maybe it will all explode into 1 Million little pieces of glittery magic!

Ok that’s assuming too many things, too far, but M$softs’ Win8 is not only generating a LOT of expectation, but making people dream with something completely new, just like Apple did nearly 5 years ago. Still there’s a lot to be done, especially when it comes to make everyone forget the traditional desktop experience still exists in the Win8 backyard.

But for now you’ll have to agree (whether you’re anyone’s fanboy or fangirl) that the old software elephant is back to claim their OS thrown in a big way. Now is up to OEMs and developers, developers developers! ¬†Maybe worth reading TheVerge’s preview hands on… it’s only what will rule the world in a few months after all.

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