White Ninja


13 February 2012

Hipsters don’t really listen to the music, they just pretend they are, so it doesn’t surprise us someone like Leo Marz and his video alter ego punch them in their face whenever they pay their respects after each dj set “you haven’t heard anything, modern!”.

This is how Patricio Hinojosa a.k.a Siempreviva signs his new video for White Ninja’s ”  Sounds Like Cocoon Fever” second single “PCU”, with a mockumentary of an artist and his hidden talent, like many so arrogant, yet so misunderstood…

White Ninja (Leo Marz and Octavio Figueroa) just released the digital PCU EP featuring alternate versions and a new song (Abstrakt Muzak) to heat up their upcoming SXSW performance next month, not that they need any presentation of their album.

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