Perlin Noise #1 @ White Building, Nov 20

18 November 2014

The first event in [ space ]‘s new sound art programme, Perlin Noise, kicks off with performances by WE and The Rebel at The White Building on November 20.

Perlin Noise welcomes the two acts as performative challenges to assumptions of what contemporary music and sound art are meant to sound like, and the project explores the “permeable boundaries between sound art, experimental music and networked performance”.

Described as “four bodies barely obscured by identical black boxes”, WE pushes the limits of pop, combining guitar, synth, and “cartoon drumrolls” and turning them inside out, converting the individual I into the collective We of an abolished and pluralized identity. The Rebel, in turn, brings Ben Wallers and his mix of lo-fi country, garage punk and “the political malaises of liberal democracy”.

See the [ space ] event page for details. **

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