Another year, another Vimeo vote

24 April 2012

Barely a month and a half for this second edition of the American creative video platform awards to take place… and barely6 days left before the voting period is over. It started a week ago… but we thought a little reminder would be most welcome.

As you probably know this year’s event will run from June 7th-9th at  Vimeo’s headquarters underneath the High Line on New York’s West Side, but right before they take place it’s always a treat to discover this year’s finalists. Our votes may, or may not influence the final result as we don’t know to how they “will be mixed with the judges decisions”, all we know is that you can vote once a day each category (as a registered user of course), but other than that….

Still, it’s always worth spending 5min or 2 hours of your time to discover the best of those 13 categories that opt to a $25K grand prize and many many little $5K mini-prizes, well, $5000 isn’t that bad for a category prize right?

They’re all available this way, and yes, even if you can only vote once a day… you can stream them unlimited times!

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