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Cuss Group Video Party #4

18 September 2014

The fourth Video Party from Johannesburg’s Cuss Group is available to view online now, featuring a contribution by London-based artist and musician Dean Blunt launched on the night of September 17.

Exhibiting a new video and GIF by the ever-prolific and nebulous artist and musician, the video features footage from the CUSS group Video Party Harare intervention held in Zimbabwe (their first in the country) in April, as well as footage of Dean Blunt, a dog and a Ford explorer, already featured in a YouTube video for his track DEF Freestyle‘, released in January this year. There’s also the familiar vocal mumble and warbling synth organ line featured prominently on his defining 2013 album The Redeemer.

Following the Cuss Group Video Party retrospective, featuring work by Hannah Perry, Rachael Crowther and Dan Szor a few months back, this new video was made available for download between the hours of 7pm and 9pm as a “torrent to own” on its opening but is still available to view online.

See the Cuss Group website for details. **

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CUSS Group presents ‘Video Party: A Year in Retrospective’

12 May 2014

Johannesburg’s Cuss Group has released a retrospective video for their Video Party series.

Documenting its first year, which alone included three events showing video work by Rachael Crowther, Hannah Perry and Dan Szor, the series calls itself an art intervention, re-appropriating commercial, non-gallery spaces across the South African city.

These locations are then used to show video art produced by artists living outside the country, in an attempt to emphasise “the artistic value of hybrid cultural production” and to move away from the exclusionary nature of conventional art spaces.

Previous spaces included a hair salon, TV store and an internet cafe, while the video includes interviews with participating artists, excerpts from their oeuvre, as well as footage from some of 2013s events.

See theĀ Cuss Group website for details. **

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