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I’m my own PR

9 April 2011

Over the last decade our beloved music industry has been changing, “evolving”, desperately adapting to the new web era and consumer patterns. Apple leading, record labels following. These days it feels like the transformation is nearly complete and everyone wants to join (Amazon recently, Google next….).

For musicians this doesn’t necessarily mean higher profits as new intermediaries have appeared but at least it’s now possible for any sound artist to produce a track at home, make a quick and totally inexpensive video and send it off to the blogosphere …. test it. The following day a few of those blogs will write about it and many others will re-post, punters will share on their facebook profiles… press “like” buttons and generally spread the word… in the best of cases (and get notice by thirsty talent seekers). This is especially useful for us “fringe artists”.

The good thing about this “democratization” (in every single and possible way) is that most music makers have now access to a wide number of web-based publishing tools (bandcamp, soundcloud, vimeo…etc) to get out there and make themselves known. However audiences can choose at the same time amongst an ever increasing on-line music offer and libraries with frillions of songs within a couple of clicks. There’s even an excess indie blog supply which seem cluttered with anything and everything proposing hundreds of new potential “talents” every day. Mainstream artists may keep having astronomical budgets and sizeable PR teams behind them (think Gaga), but underground artists now enjoy an access to web instruments that may produce the same result as a good PR team.

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