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30 July 2012

It’s nice to know that the arcade-inspired Vektropolis will be released during doomsday next December… so none of us gets to enjoy Daniel Gallagher‘s (& co) game but… if the world doesn’t end… then windows users should  be able to put their hands on Vektropolis by the end of the year, for the rest of the platforms… 2013 it is.

Your objective will be to rescue as many humans per game level as possible earning bonuses and trophies depending on how many are saved and we should expect a growing level of difficulty with single and multi-player modes available. The shooter  is still being polished with the help of London-based 3D design company Gamoola, so while they keep adding a few more game dynamics and cleaner (and maybe adding the possibility to mute those warnings) we’ll keep dribbling in front of their teasers. More info on their webpage.

Vektropolis screenshot
Vektropolis screenshot

 (first trailer from last year)

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