Artists’ Film Biennial 2014 @ ICA , Jul 3 – July 6

2 July 2014

The Artists’ Film Biennial, a 4-day celebration of art films and moving images, comes to London’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) from July 3 to July 6.

The biennial will feature a myriad of screenings, new performance commissions, talks and panel discussions exploring a wide range of perspectives, including an artist curated programme and live presentation by Hannah Sawtell, and a live video performance by Sam Smith as part of Vdrome.

Also during the event, there’ll be an Avant-Noir” selection of works that engage with Africa and the African Diaspora, including a screening of Karimah Ashadu‘s Lagos Sand Merchants, as well as a talk with Clunie Reid exploring the influence of contemporary popular culture on moving images and a  a day of programming by Ken Okiishi, including ‘My Throat, My Air’ (2013) by Loretta Fahrenholz.

See the ICA website for details. **

'My Throat, My Air' by Loretta Fahrenholz. Image courtesy artist.
‘My Throat, My Air’ by Loretta Fahrenholz. Image courtesy artist.


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Steel Town @ Vdrome, Jun 28 – Jul 7

30 June 2014

Vdrome is celebrating the launch of Steel Town, a film by Daria Martin and Massimiliano Mollona that will run on the site from June 28 to July 7.

The online platform –launched by Milan’s Mousse magazine in February 2013 and with a viewing location at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit –is known for its high quality digital film screenings, curated to investigate the relationship between cinema and contemporary art in the digital landscape.

Martin and Mollona’s Steel Town takes the format of a ‘telenovela’ to explore the lives of the people of Volta Radonda, a steel-producing industry town in Brazil.

The launch introduces the film alongside an interview with the film’s directors.

See the Vdrome event page for details. **

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 12.46.42 PM


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Jennifer West @ Vdrome, Jan 2 – 3

3 January 2014

Materialist Californian artist Jennifer West‘s Salt Crystals Spiral Jetty Dead Sea Five Year Film is showing for two days only online at Vdrome, from January 2 to 3.

Looking at memory, temporality and its ultimate erosion the LA-based artist took 70mm film, dunked it in the Dead Sea, soaked it in clay and left it to corrode in a suitcase for five years in California before finally dragging it along the center of Smithson’s Jetty in Utah last winter. The result is material marked by the movement of time and a tourism.

Watch the film online at the Vdrome website. **

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Ryan Trecartin @ Vdrome, Oct 30 – Nov 8

4 November 2013

Run by art magazine Mousse, online art and contemporary film platform Vdrome is screening Ryan Trecartin’s CENTER JENNY, premiered as part of an installation at Venice Biennale’s Arsenale earlier this year, from October 30 to November 8.

Featuring long time collaborators and sit-com supports including Lauren Devine, Molly Tarlov of MTV teen show Awkward and Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation, the near one hour-long video navigates a labyrinth of virtual-narrative-meets-dimensionless-dimension centred around its range of archetypal ‘Jenny’ characters. From pastel pink cheerleaders chanting, “Yeah Jenny, Jenny rules!” to genderless proto-Jennys waiting to enter into “The University”, you can track a visible evolution in Trecartin’s oeuvre -along with the Google SketchUp(-dates) and CGI aesthetic -“towards a post-human realm through reality show hermeneutics, prosumer rhetoric, and collegiate rituals”.

Watch the film online at the Vdrome website. **

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