Vappu Jalonen

Anna Zett @ Sorbus-galleria, Sep 15 – Sep 20

15 September 2015

Berlin-based artist Anna Zett is presenting a new exhibition Research Drama at Helsinki’s Sorbus gallery, opening September 15 and running to September 20.

Curated by Vappu Jalonen, the five-day installation will include a screening of Zett’s “modern research drama” ‘This Unwieldy Object‘ (2014) and a talk titled ‘Tiktaalik and the discovering of “ourselves”‘ (2015) by Elina Vaahtera .

Through both Zett and Vaahtera’s scientific research, Research Drama explores the entanglements of “science and fiction, bones and imagination, entertainment and politics” through their respective subjects, or characters, of prehistoric dinosaurs and the recently discovered fossil of a ‘fishapod’ called the Tiktaalik roseae.

See the Sorbus-galleria website for details.**

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After the Eclipse @ Flutgraben e.V., Mar 22

18 March 2015

The second iteration of a new reading series hosted by Ebba Fransén Waldhör and Imri Kahn, After the Eclipse, is happening at Berlin’s Flutgraben e.V. on Sunday, March 22.

Following the week’s much anticipated solar eclipse, readings from Kahn, Elvia Wilk, Hannah Black, Sarah M. Harrison, Anna Zett, Vappu Jalonen and Phoebe Blatton, v will feature along with lighting design by Fransén Waldhör.

Here’s a description from the After the Eclipse participants:

…an astronomical event that comes with a list of don’ts, as an eclipse could be (all at once) a fall into obscurity, a humiliating end, the total loss of splendour, the act of one object casting another in shadow, an unreasonable obscuring of light.

…notice, the backs of your eyes have no pain receptors. Burning corneas, it takes only a few seconds. Selfie danger during a solar eclipse, eye experts warn. Those who can’t help it best have at hand rather a pinhole viewer or solar goggles, or watch its reflection on a plain white piece of office paper.

…everyone else, let’s add to the list. Avoid the ordinary: sleeping, sitting on the toilet, eating, putting your hands into your pockets or onto another– as these comings and goings may leave one only more vulnerable…

See the FB event page for details. **

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