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AR Spaceship

23 February 2012

A little AR app for the weekend? We know you have plenty of time this end of week (school vacation and so on..), so why not adding a new Augmented Reality spaceship app to your list?

Hong Kong studio Visionaries 7 just released last Tuesday a rather impressive AR game which doesn’t add any juicy features or crazy gaming experiences that you won’t find in previous AR iPhone or Nintendo DS games, but… the quality and sharpness of the game make many other AR apps look cheap.

AR Spaceship on the iPhone
AR Spaceship on the iPhone

To play “AR Spaceship” (for now only for iOS) you’ll need however an AR Card (a marker) which you’ll need to print, then you’re set to control the ship from left to right to fly through as many gates as possible by shooting lasers and avoiding red mines.

Very simple as you can see, hopefully they’ll make it much more fun by adding extra obstacles, customizing features and else, if not, it’s still worth 5min of your time… because it’s free!

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