Friday Salon on Digital Culture @ ICA

Friday Salon- Digital Culture. header
9 May 2013
The ICA in London will be hosting a salon on our favourite buzzword on the afternoon of Friday, May 24. Examining issues of hacker culture, twitter Maoism and weird twitter, the discussion ‘On Digital Culture’ will look at the radical left, with groups like the Situationist International and “their intersection with the online practices of digital natives, who have grown up in a digital world”.
Image courtesy Sophie Carapetian.
Image courtesy Sophie Carapetian.

The event will feature author of The Spectacle of Disintegration: Situationist Passages out of the Twentieth Century, McKenzie Wark and the person responsible for one third of the organisational work behind Auto Italia’s exhibition Immaterial Labour isn’t Working. See the ICA website for more details.**

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your mama on twitter?

5 May 2011

Google’s I/O is just around the corner, and today they’ve also presented a good list of new products, but rather than talking about one of their (now traditional, conventional… easy) happy puppy campaigns we thought twitter was a better option…

It’s not the first campaign twitter has produced (already have 25 videos on their youtube channel) but with their last month’s “follow your interests…” probably the one which better reflects the maturity of a grown up product.

Twitter is about to go 5 years next July, and it certainly looks more  & more like the new Google (in terms of product communication… maybe something more?). All the uninhibited & carefree way of presenting their products that we all got to love from Google and that others like —– haven’t quite managed to understand, absorb or even copy.

They seem so distant those days when we still considered twitter “another” “maybe” successful SXSW start-up that one day could “potentially” be bought by Google or Msoft. Whether these two like it or not Mr Biz & their team are here to stay (independently) for another 5 years or so… and that’s palpable in the way they advertise right?

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30 September 2010

Well, more than a site we’re going to recommend you a twitter account you should follow (LIIL) if you like that traditional ASCII art (the standard that goes back to the 60s)… in your daily stream…., some relaxing art in that overused pile of information can’t do you any harm can it?

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new twitter

17 September 2010

Seems like navigating out of your twitter stream for watching, reading or having a look at what other people are sharing and talking about will no longer be necessary when Twitter finishes rolling out their massive redesign in a few weeks…

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