Rhizome partners with Tumblr for commissions cycle, now open.

Rhizome partners with tumblr
9 April 2013

There’s no denying that New York City has been a centre of some of the most interesting new media work over the past few years. If it isn’t DJ, artist and programmer Slava incorporating his preoccupations with graphic design into his visual aesthetic as a musician, then it’s Fatima Al Qadiri‘s Gulf Futurism and the entire visual aesthetic of Fade to Mind, UNO, DIS Magazine… the list goes on. Those are just a handful of reasons why we’re totally behind Rhizome’s focus on, with out being limited to, artists from the US centre for their 2013-2014 commissions cycle.

Tumblr also shouldn’t be forgotten as a rich source of creative inspiration and interaction among net artists, so an alliance between the two organisations is only natural. They will be awarding up to six grants for the creation of new works of digital and new media art, ranging between $1,000 to $5,000.**

Image Header: Screenshot of DISimages.com, 2011-2012 Rhizome Commission

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Kitty – ‘Daisy Rage’ EP

Kitty - 'Daisy Rage' EP
4 February 2013

The Florida meme-cum-human-being, formerly known as Kitty Pryde, has dropped her first EP Daisy Rage via her social network. She’s just Kitty now and a triumph for the purported vapidity of the Great Online with her darkly unstable lyrics attacking everything and everyone on the back foot as a girl who’s single-handedly “ruining hip hop”.

Just 19-years-old and virtually born on tumblr, the snow-white ginger from the suburbs joins a legion of mutant rappers smashing the status quo and taking popular culture down with them. She´s already collaborated with Texan rapper Riff Raff and contributed words to Le1f’s latest Fly Zone mixtape but now she’s come into her own with her razor sharp social (media) observations delivered along the eye-rolling languor of the new cyberpunk. YOLO, twitter and Kim Kardashian’s backside aren’t safe from her biting commentary and with any luck there’ll be plenty more where that came from.

Kitty’s Daisy Rage EP is out now.

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Fake Science

21 February 2012

Fake Science is nearly 2 years old but they keep coming up with the most revealing and brightest explanations in the scientific community.

No need for weird science or a bunch of complicated and incomprehensible articles published on Nature or Science to explain why cats purr or why the famous North American elephant went extinct after the famous 60s nose-ring fashion trend, “Fake Science” provides us with our weekly dose of brainfood for all biologists, chemists and average (but curious) Joe.

And the best thing is that you don’t need to buy National Geographic or Wired anymore (cancel those subscriptions please!), FS are about to release their own hard-copy publication + a WebOS app for all of us to follow (or buy). If it wasn’t because of blogs like this one, or world would definitely be much much harder to understand. Maybe the team behind FS could start a series of cosmos-explanatory thesis in their upcoming numbers? The origin of the black holes, the string theory and those sort of trivial matters…

And what can we say about the Eisenhower era ad style…. just add them to your daily pulse reader, not a waste. Many more this way.

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