Gaia Vincensini on the murky role of the “artist” now in solo show Trust at 1.1, Jan 13 – 27

15 January 2018
Gaia Vincensini presents solo exhibition Trust at Basel’s 1.1 which opened January 13 and is running to January 27.
Vincensini will install a series of drawings that examine Geneva’s “inhabitants’ collective identity through its architecture and appearance.” Focusing on the artists role right in society right now, links are drawn between banks and commercial art galleries as well as cultural institutions.
The show will also include a collaboration with Eliott Villars who is contributing prints, shirts and embroideries. Vincensini is a Geneva-based artist who also works as part of the collective LGG$B who explore “an alternative to corporate identity.”
Visit the 1.1 website for details.**
Courtesy Gaia Vincensini + 1.1, Basel


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Trust Magazine Launch @ Ditto Press, Mar 26

24 March 2015

Ditto Press will be launching the first issue of Trust magazine, titled ‘Flexibility’, at their East London space on March 26.

The publication, which was initially released by Akoya Books back in June 2014, is now being re-released by the publishing and design firm (as well as printing house and bookseller). The theme of the issue is the notion of flexibility, and how it figures in contemporary culture.

Created by Federica Cornelli, who works at Akoya Books as a publisher, Trust combines commissions of new works and essays inspired by the theme of flexibility into a beautiful, holdable book with cover designs by Daniel Swan.

See the FB event page for details. **

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Airbird’s ‘Trust’ reviewed.

Airbird. Image courtesy of Bang On.
30 May 2012

When you listen to the music of artists like Joel Ford, it’s as if the 90s never happened. With long time collaborator and childhood friend Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), Ford jumped straight from his Boston-born soft-rock band Tigercity, enmeshed in its 70s and 80s jazz-funk influences, to the archaic production techniques of the same era in Games, later rechristened the appropriately disco-sounding Ford & Lopatin. There’s not a flannel shirt to be found in the mix, and this from a musician born in Boston and educated in Amherst, MA, before moving to Brooklyn over seven years ago.

Joel Ford. Photo by Bryan Derballa.
Joel Ford. Photo by Bryan Derballa.

Since then there’s been a handful of releases, never to see the metallic sheen of a compact discs 0s and 1s, instead either released on vinyl or straight to download. For Ford’s second solo release under the Airbird moniker, Trust is a freeing excursion beyond the hustle of New York City and out into the Appalachian mountains.

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