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Winter Poem

18 July 2011

We haven’t talked much about the London-based Trunk animation studio but after discovering  Rok Predin’s wonderful film Winter Poem, we surely better pay more attention to the Bermondsey studio.

Rok’s poem which already showed at London’s Independent film Festival last April brings his rich mix of folklore and black magic into his most ambitious personal project to date. For Rok, who’s accustomed us to his always twisted fables, emphasizing the generation of feelings is more important than the script of the work itself…  ‘I generate images and if they have visual meaning to me, then I search for their literal meaning,’ he explains. ‘First, I just look out for the right textures, colours and composition, and then I listen to the image and find a story for it.’

The young Slovak which moved to London to study animation is now one of the key animators of Truk and we really hope he’ll keep bringing the East European narratives and this very unique Soviet style in his upcoming works. We need more eastern quirky and less western 3D softy.

First of a great list of directors we’ll be scrutinizing over the coming weeks.

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