Fake Love

30 May 2011

There’s a group of 3 Spanish monkeys who love to play with 2D animation, see what they can come up with, and in the meantime make some money so they can finance their evil masterplan.

Seem like they’re trying to figure out how to destroy the world, or at least find a way to stop paying taxes but the truth is that Abel Sánchez, Paulo Mosca & Maroto (who we got to know through their viral Bananas from outer space 2nd episode of their monkey series) have successfully managed to make their freelance studio some sort of magnet for American companies  (first Paramount, now Y&R with this piece for VH1…).

concept for fake love

All I can say at this stage is … not that I really hope they’ll keep getting amazing clients and delivering this modern animation but to really destroy the tax-payment system. I would like them even more.


More works, info & a few wallpapers on their page.

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