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PoetryFilm Equinox @ Framestore, Sep 26

25 September 2014

PoetryFilm is hosting the PoetryFilm Equinox event Translation, Transcreation, Punctuation at London’s Framestore this Friday, September 26 at 7pm.

Founded by artist Malgorzata Kitowski over a decade ago, the PoetryFilm art project continues to play with the avant-garde, screening all kinds of art and poetry films, sound films, auteur films. This latest event, Translation, Transcreation, Punctuation, celebrates the Autumn Equinox with a bill of shorts and poems exploring the topic.

Throughout the night, screenings will be held of John Smith‘s Associations with text taken from Herbert H. Clark’s essay ‘Word Associations and Linguistic Theory’, Antoinette Zwirchmayr‘s Floaters in the Eye inspired by Paul Celan’s poem ‘Schliere (Floaters)’, the sign language poem ‘Celan’, experimental documentary Faux Amis by Érik Bullot, Sophie Herxheimer and Joseph Gifford. Also included will be Tutt’s dramatic monologues in London, a bilingual poetry performance who needs television? by Brian Lee and Alejandro Rodriguez Pena, Tracey Holland‘s Rilke-inspired The Sleeper Falls, and Full Stop by Kitowski herself, taken from a sequence of punctuation poems written in 2001.

See the PoetryFilm event page for details. **

The Sleeper Falls 2012 from Tracey Holland on Vimeo.

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