Faith Holland GIFs @ Transfer, Jul 11

10 July 2015

Faith Holland continues her incredible streak with the visual mixtape ‘GIFs to Have Sex By’, featuring more than 40 artists and screening at New York’s Transfer on July 11.

With ‘GIFs to Have Sex By’, which screens first at the gallery and then online at Digital Sweat Gallery the following day, Holland invites 40 different artists to offer their interpretations of sexual encounters. Included in the line-up are artists like Nicole Killian, Rollin Leonard and Alma Alloro.

The Brooklyn gallery is also the site of Holland’s latest exhibition, Technophilia (now extended until July 25), and her Visual Orgasms series of looped images and Ookie Canvas cum shot collages. ‘GIFs to Have Sex By’, originally intended as the finale of Holland’s show, is the climax (we had to) of Holland’s explorations into sexuality and the visual intensity of the porn industry.

See the FB event page for details. **

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Transfer + XPO Gallery + Clement Valla, April 19

17 April 2014

New York’s TRANSFER and Paris’ XPO galleries are coming together to “bring a transatlantic group of artists to an international collector base”.

As two organisations joining the slow swell of people and collectives looking to monetise and thus make a living for artists working in the digital realm, the partnership “represents a new collaborative mode of support for artists engaging the possibilities and contradictions of our contemporary moment”.

They’ll be initiating the partnership with Brooklyn-based artist Clement Valla‘s Surface Survey exhibition, opening at TRANSFER April 19 and running to May 10, to be followed up by a new one  at XPO Gallery next year.

networked culture.See the Transfer Gallery website for details. **

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