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Off Life #2

19 December 2012

A few days ago the second number of the new UK mag and e-zine “Off Life” made its appearance on-line, again to fulfill our increasing Brit (and international) comic addiction…. and for the pleasure of Bristolians & Londonites.

Offline 2 (Sam Alden)
extract from Offline #2 (Sam Alden)

And because the street press comic mag has quickly become an instant hit for “bd” talent showcasing (from the well known Tom Gauld or Adrian Tomine to other less-established names like Emix Regulus or  Harvey Finch), it’s a great surprise that both bi-monthly numbers are available on-line for our pleasure and delight.

Offline 2 (Sam Alden bis)
extract from Offline #2 (Sam Alden bis)

Ok ok, they’re mostly pretty well-known names from the indie scene… for now. But hey, pretty much any artist can submit their work to be published in upcoming numbers (btw, the next issue will be out by mid-Feb 2013 and submissions are open until next month) and thousands of people will be taking notice of your artwork off & on-line.

The arrival of a new zine is always good news, especially if it’s made available for free on the Internet too.

Regurgitation (OffLife 1 - Murray Somerville)
extract from Regurgitation (OffLife #1 – Murray Somerville)
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British Comic award nominees 2012

13 October 2012

The UK may not have such a big comic market as France has but it goes without saying that it’s just a matter of time before all this existing and emerging talent weave a real industry… time for some great publishers like Blank Slate, NoBrow or Myriad to get big, and initiatives like the new British Comic Awards can only help and encourage artists & publishers to get better.

Louis Roskosch's Leeroy and Popo (Image vai Louis R.)
Louis Roskosch’s Leeroy and Popo (Image vai Louis R.)

The nominees of this freshly created initiative that “celebrates the very best in British comics” were just announced yesterday, not that many surprises but some real good stuff within the emerging talent category.

As you’ve probably read before, for this first edition there are 5 award categories: Best Comic, Best book,Young People’s Comic Award, Emerging talent & Hall of Fame… and while the winners won’t be announced until next November @ the Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival we already have some favorites.

Tom Gauld Goliath
Tom Gauld – Goliath

From the always minimalistic meticulousness of Tom Gauld‘s ungraceful characters to the extremely talented Will Kirkby whose creatures sometimes remind us of the best Mignola, there is a lot of good art competing. Worth mentioning and stopping by at every single artists’ webpages, but ourselves we highly encourage you to stop by Louis Roskosch, Kristyna Baczynski or Joe Decie (on top of Tom or Will of course).

Extract from JOe Decie's Accidental Salad (Image via Blank Slate)
Extract from JOe Decie’s Accidental Salad (Image via Blank Slate)

Those are just a few examples of this year’s nominated talent, the rest of the nominees and much more info on their web page.

Will Kirkby's Tuk Tuk (image via Will Kirby)
Will Kirkby’s Tuk Tuk (image via Will Kirby)
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