‘To Open What Is Shut () To Shut What Is Open Part I: To Bring About Positive Change\

Hannah Lees @ Tenderbooks, Aug 5 – 27

2 August 2016

Hannah Lees is presenting solo exhibition All That There Is, is the Eternal Now at London’s Tenderbooks, opening August 5 and running to August 27.

The exhibition compliments the launch of the London-based artist’s book, To Open What Is Shut () To Shut What Is Open, Part I: To Bring About Positive Change. Vegetable dyes and wine sediment will be utilized as “vivid decorations for the space while handmade magical incense, freshly baked wild wheat bread, and natural wines” are offered to visitors.

The publication is partly a recipe book of ‘potions’ and ‘tonics’ devised by the artist and partly an instruction manual. The work in the exhibition functions as a companion.

See the Tenderbooks website for more details.**

Hannah Lees @ Tenderbooks, Aug 6 - 27

Hannah Lees, ‘Tablet Fragment I’ (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist.

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