Timothy Hull

Timothy Hull @ ASHES/ASHES, May 14 – Jun 25

14 May 2016

Timothy Hull is presenting exhibition  For Ammonis, Who Died at 29, in 610 at Los Angeles’ ASHES/ASHES, opening May 14 and running to June 25.

Referencing the poetry of CP Cavafy, the exhibition focuses on the linguistic, homoerotic and historical themes in the writer’s work, along with the pastiche use of Greek, Coptic and early Arabic characters, symbols and glyphs that share parallels with Pop Art and the contemporary obsolescence of digital iconography.

This new series of paintings incorporate an imperfect retelling of Cavafy’s elegies of inconsolable loss of past events untethered to a specific present where “ancient ruin and contemporary obsolescence become indistinguishable”.

See the ASHES/ASHES website for details.**

Timothy Hull, 'Cupbearers and Observers in the Andron' (2015). Courtesy the artist.
Timothy Hull, ‘Cupbearers and Observers in the Andron’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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