Thorvaldur S. Gunnarsson

Space Stallions

6 February 2012

Thundercats’ movie is just around the corner (or should be right?) but here’s an amazing challenger that maybe one day will get not only a big-budgeted movie but their first animated series to start with.

The Animation Workshop (one of the leading Danish animation & “other things” schools) recently published their 2012 bachelor films on their website, and just like the Saga of Biorn last year, The magnificent stallions have gone viral WITH already 100k VIEWS 3 days ago, over 200K yesterday and over 250K views today. Well well, it seems we’re all feeling a bit He-Man and 80s animation nostalgic lately huh?

A great exercise by Thorvaldur S. Gunnarsson, Jonatan Brüsch, Ágúst Kristinsson, Arna Snæbjørnsdottir, Esben J. Jespersen, Touraj Khosravi and Polina Bokhan with those great synths by Friðfinnur Oculus Sigurðsson.

If only X-Ray and Destructo had existed back when I was little… they would have been a great compliment to the Silverhawks, Exosquads, Thundercats and the likes.

they are... the Space Stallions
they are... the Space Stallions

The rest of the movies are also available via TAW website… and also highly recommended.

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